Advice For New Bloggers: Essential Aspects Of A Successful Blog Post

A lot of work goes into a single blog post, especially if you want to have a blog that is successful. You never want to miss an essential aspect of a blog’s successful blog post.

If you are ready to build a great blog post with #allthethings then get ready for this awesome guide to help you do just that.

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Aspects Of A Successful Blog Post

A Great Post Title

This is arguably one of the most difficult things to come up with due to the fact there are so many clever headlines already in use, but having a great headline that stands out is going to work to your advantage.

I like to do a little research for keywords before I write anything, and then I try to include my keywords in the title.

In order to come up with a great title, there is a free tool you can use to generate headlines. There any many tools available, but this one is my favourite.

So the two things that you need for a great headline are:

  1. Keywords
  2. Enticing Language

The thing is if you have amazing content, but your title is lacking appeal, you aren’t going to get the click through’s that you were hoping for.

when you go ahead and add keywords to your blog title, you are helping Google find your content which refers to SEO (Search engine Optimization).

Here is an example of a headline that will likely not get too many clicks: “Tips For Blonde Haircare”

Here is an example of a headline that will get more clicks: “Amazing Tips To Keep Blonde Hair Bright And Shiny With Little Effort”

The second example is much better because it piques interest due to the fact that these are easy tips and your hair will be bright and shiny, it just makes you want to click.

If you need further guidance on writing amazing headlines, check out this post from coschedule (and they have a free tool you can use to generate headlines as well)

Headings To Separate Content

No one enjoys reading a wall of text. Maybe because it reminds them of high school and reading boring textbooks that make you want to fall asleep.

Having all text in a huge block diverts readers away from your article. It is never a good idea to sip headings and clump all your words together.

Having heading in place to break up text makes it easy for the “skimmer” (who among us isn’t one) figure out what your article is about easily and if they are genuinely interested in the content they will read more in-depth if they wish.

A good rule of thumb is to have paragraphs that are no longer than 6 sentences, to keep things light and easy to read.

Make it easy for all readers on your website and use headlines.

Internal Linking

Did you know that linking to older blog posts within your own article helps readers AND google?

It is always a good idea to make sure Google knows your articles are related and are interlinked.

If you have a topic that you have written about before, then it’s a great idea to link back to that article in your new one as well as a link to your new article from your old one.

This could also help people linger on your website a little longer if they are super interested in your related links! BONUS.

If you are linking to a past blog post you should do so in this fashion:

“If you are curious about website design, there are a lot of helpful website tips right here. “

It is good practice to use descriptive words such as “website design” and “website tips” rather than “read this” or “find it here”

It helps with the link juice.

Don’t forget to interlink, it’s important.

On Brand Images

It’s always a great idea to add images to your blog posts. Not only does it help break up walls of text, but it also makes the web page more interesting to look at.

When using images within your blog post you’ll want to consider your branding so that your audience does not get confused.

Alt Text

When adding an image to your blog post, you won’t want to miss this simple but important step.

Adding ALT TEXT to your images to improve your SEO score.

If you’ve done your keyword research ( which I’m sure you did because you WANT to create an amazing blog post), then you have some ideas for alt text in your images.

Here is a screenshot of my image dashboard:

successful blog post

Did you also notice that I titled the image “website-design-tips.png” ? I keyworded the image name too! That’s good practice for improving SEO.

Questions To Increase Engagement

If your blog allows comments, then you should ask questions so you can get people to leave comments on your website. It’s pretty cool to hear the different perspectives out there on your topic.

Sometimes they even require an answer back which is great because it starts a conversation with a stranger who is now a potential client or follower.

This kind of practice is called “call to action” in the marketing world. Basically, people need to be told to comment on a post, or they will not even think about it. However, if you tell them to comment on the post and ask a question for them to answer, you will actually start to gain comments on your post.

Engagement is great for SEO. If Google can see that your post is well-liked, your post will start rank higher in search.

Featured Image

Within WordPress, you can add a featured image to every blog post. Whether you choose to display it or not depends on your preference, but I believe a blog post looks much better with a featured image.

your featured image can also show up in a “recent post” widget or if your post gets shared on Facebook, the featured image could be the one that populates.

Create an on-brand featured image every time you publish a blog post and don’t forget to name it with an SEO friendly title and alt text.

SEO Ready

Every blog post you write should be armed and ready with killer SEO. I have a whole post on the best SEO plugins for your blog, and while most people recommend YOAST, I do not.

You should go ahead and read about the best SEO plugins for WordPress.

Here is an amazing source for SEO tips for affiliate marketing posts – take note, this stuff is GOLD.


Don’t forget to edit all of your hard work. It is horrible when you find a mistake in your own writing, especially if you’ve already hit publish and started marketing it.

You CAN always go back to your post and edit it, and I do that often for all my blogs, but it’s best if you find the mistakes right away.

I know it’s more of a common sense thing, but it is something you should not forget!

Now Your Post Is Ready


If you have a post that has a killer title, heading to separate content, includes internal linking, with on-brand images and keyworded alt text complete with questions to increase engagement, then you have a killer blog post that’s ready to be shared.

Keep on blogging on, and remember if you need any WordPress assistance, I’m your gal!

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