A Guide To Finding Your Best Keyword On Pinterest

Pinterest is a visual search engine that helps people find the answers they are searching for. This is why finding the best keyword on Pinterest is very important. Pinterest is like Google, but with pictures.

Lucky for us, Pinterest has a lot of ques and prompts built into the system so we can create content that will be found by our ideal customer. This is established by finding the best Keyword On Pinterest.

With the right keyword research, some catchy headlines and properly optimized board names and descriptions, it can be pretty simple to get your content seen by the right people at the right time.

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Between reading many blogs, watching youtube videos and purchasing a few super cheap affiliate marketing books, I was able to piece together enough information to create my own Pinterest success. Now my account is only a few months old, and I get about a few hundred visitors per day, but it is steadily increasing and I know these things are working.

What Are Keywords on Pinterest

Keywords are certain words from your specific niche that help users on Pinterest discover the ideas they are searching for.

If a Pinterest user is looking for small space storage solutions, the user is hopeful that those are the results that Pinterest will up and nothing that is not relevant to their search.

Pinterest needs to organize the content on its platform and group “like” articles together for the best search results possible. Pinterest pulls these results from the pin description.

How To Find Your Best Keyword On Pinterest

When you are doing your keyword research on Pinterest, it is best to use simple phrases that are related to your specific niche.

For the sake of this explanation, let’s pretend you have a brand new Pinterest account.

For this explanation I’ll use my successful parenting blog as an example:

Niche: Parenting / Lifestyle

I blog about positive parenting, parenting toddlers, routines for kids, simplifying motherhood and family life.

Now off to the Pinterest search bar we go.

Type in my first keyword Positive Parenting.

This is what I get:

positive parenting search results on pinterest keyword

In case that’s a bit tough to see, I can see that Pinterest pulled up all of those colourful boxes at the top that has words within them. Those are words that are often searched with the phrase “positive parenting”.

We can see that Positive Parenting + Toddlers is up there as well as Positive Parenting + Tips and so on.

From this information, I know my main keywords.

  • Positive Parenting For Toddlers
  • Positive Parenting Tips
  • Positive Parenting Solutions
  • Positive Parenting Strategies
  • Positive Parenting Techniques

The Worst Keyword Practices You Need To Avoid

Finding keywords is not a way to trick the system. It is simply a way to make sure that the right people find your stuff.

You should not STUFF keywords altogether when creating descriptions, but rather create a nice flowing paragraph that includes one or two of the best keywords you found.

Example of keyword stuffing:

Positive Parenting For Toddlers | Positive Parenting Tips | Positive Parenting Solutions | Positive Parenting Strategies | Positive Parenting Techniques

Don’t do that, it doesn’t help you rank for those keywords any better than writing a nice paragraph that includes some or all of those keywords that you found.

Where To Insert Your Best Keyword Pinterest

Within Your Pin Description

Whenever you are creating a new pin directly from Pinterest, you can manually add a strong keyworded description right away.

Tell everyone what your pin is about” is where you write your well-keyworded pin description.

“This is a detailed article on positive parenting solutions. If you have children who are having a tough time with listening and behaving properly in public, then these positive parenting techniques just might help you overcome these parenting struggles. #PositiveParentingStrategies #ParentingTips #Parenting101″

Within Your Profile

There are 2 places you can add your keywords within your profile.

You can add a keyword or two within your profile NAME (Positive Parenting | Mom Life | Learning Through Play)

And Also within your description (I provide positive parenting guidance and mom life tips and hacks for raising confident and happy children)

Within Board Titles

It is best practice to have very specific board titles. If you have a wide range of topics like myself, it will not serve you well to have broad titles such as “All Things Blog” You’ll want to create board titles that work well for your content and your niche.

Within Board Descriptions

Create a simple board description using keywords but writing in full easy to understand sentences. Your description does not have to be super long. In fact, one or two sentences will suffice.

I have started to write my board descriptions as simple as “This board is about positive parenting. #Positiveparenting” and it seems to be working well for me.

Knowing Your Target Market

If you do not know your target audience, your keywording efforts may be more difficult to achieve. If you want to attract a specific person to see your content, then you’ll want to start with a simple list of words that you can use to attract that specific persona.

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