Meet Elizabeth


So you’re a blogger or a small business owner and you stumbled upon my website, probably through a helpful blog post, and you are starting to wonder who the heck I am and how I could possibly help you with your business?

Well, my name is Elizabeth and it’s super nice to meet you.

I am a Mom of 2 boys ages 3 and 6 and life in my house is usually insane. I love being a mother and in fact, I have a motherhood blog you can follow me on if you like. I am a Blogger, Graphic Designer and a WordPress Wizard.

I taught myself WordPress at the ripe age of 19 and started freelance web design while putting myself through graphic design school.

Right after graduation, I was lucky enough to bring my first little boy into the world, leaving me on Maternity leave. Not being able to claim EI due to being in school and freelancing, I spent my entire maternity leave freelancing website and graphic design services.

Sure kept me busy!

After my crazy year of Maternity leave, I decided to work in Marketing and took a few years to focus on learning new things and getting familiar with large company marketing practices.

Before long, baby #2 came around and here I am, being a stay at home Momma, blogging about motherhood and helping other bloggers with their online presence.

Simple Design 29 came about due to the fact that honestly, a good design name is hard to come by and me being just 29 years old and accomplishing all that I have in this time, gave me the inspiration for Simple Design 29.

Enough about me, let’s talk about you and why you’re here reading about me..

Did you know that the key to a successful online presence, starts with a cohesive brand representation?

In other words, all the graphics on your website should represent your brand appropriately and so do all the images you throw out to Pinterest and Social Media.

This includes digital files, opt-ins and landing pages too.

All of it has to be cohesive and on-brand.

That may seem intimidating, but don’t worry, anyone can create great blog graphics with a little design guidance and inspiration.

Send me a message if you’re struggling with your blog graphics, I want to hear about it and I want to help you out.

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