Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers: Course Review

As a new blogger, it was my ultimate goal to learn everything about blogging and not pay a penny for it.

I tried so hard to come up with affiliate marketing strategies and in turn, ended up buying several “cheap” ebooks on the subject and in the end, learned nothing of value.

When I was looking for a good Pinterest Strategy, I came across a manual pinning strategy by Carly from Mommy On Purpose, and to my surprise, she had a bundle course for sale for affiliate marketing too!

I had read all the reviews on Pinteresting Strategies and knew that is what I wanted to buy (thank goodness I did, because traffic is awesome now!)

I decided to say, what the heck, and buy the bundle right then and there. I knew nothing of the affiliate course and how amazing it was going to be.

*This post contains affiliate links. Full disclosure here.

What Is Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers

Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers is a super detailed course on making money from your blog using affiliate marketing strategies. You learn how to make money while you sleep (passive income) by recommending products that you believe in.

This course covers the basics of affiliate marketing to the nitty-gritty details. There are detailed examples of blog posts that rock affiliate marketing so you can copy the strategy with ease.

Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers covers tops such as affiliate marketing within blog posts as well as email campaigns too.

There are some juicy secrets about affiliate marketing that I never would have imagined existed, and none of the free courses I’ve come across divulge this information.

Who Is Carly From Mommy On Purpose

Carly is a Mommy blogger, mostly blogging about postpartum. Her website Mommy On Purpose is very popular and she makes a full-time income off of her postpartum niche.

Carly sends out detailed income reports every month to those who are on her email list, and I am always super blown away by the thousands of dollars that come in just from the mommy blog side of her income! She does make money with her courses, as she should, they are awesome.

What’s In The Course

You will need to pay for Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers first and create an account before you can access the course. It’s on the Thinkific platform, which is super easy to navigate.

There are 4 modules in the course.

Module 1: Covers the basics of affiliate marketing. What it is, how it really works, some rules you need to follow and some affiliate programs you can join.

Module 2: Covers affiliate marketing within blog posts. There are 2 case studies included where you can see exactly how the placement of affiliate links, the wording and everything else you need to make a blog post ready to sell products for you. This section is GOLD and honestly, it is worth double the price I paid.

Module 3: Covers everything about email marketing using affiliate links. Carly goes over writing emails that people want to read, and even includes a few case studies in this module too! She goes in-depth into the different email sequences you can send to promote affiliate products too. This section of the course is also full of gold nuggets, just amazing. I’m in love!

Module 4: Covers the summary of course.

If you want to make the most of the course, I recommend a couple of hours per module to really read and reread the content. Try not to jump ahead and make sure you really understand the module before you move on.

Once logged in you will have access to the modules and lessons. It’s easy to navigate and it keeps track of where you left off if you need to leave and come back.

Who This Course Is For

  • You have a blog or are thinking of starting one (Don’t have a blog? Free courses here!)
  • You have an interest in affiliate marketing to monetize
  • Learning through modules at your own pace is your thing
  • You are just starting out and want to make sure you are following the legal side of affiliate marketing.
  • You don’t understand the concepts behind affiliate links and how to use them

My Results With Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers

I was making pennies with Amazon sales and other affiliate programs until I went through this course and implemented the strategies I learned. I am now making 10x more than I ever was! I was a complete beginner and this course pointed me in the right direction. I learned the legal side of affiliate links so that my links could not get me into trouble in the future, which is always a lifesaver!

All in all, I could not be happier with my impromptu purchase for this course. I am over the moon happy because now, staying home with my kids doesn’t have to be a financial burden.

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