Blog Niches That Make Money

Starting a blog is a big step, and one of the very first things you’re probably asking yourself is, “what should I blog about?”

I’m hoping that this list of blog niches will help you narrow down your search for a topic, one that is profitable and right for you.

Because you are unique, your blog will be unique. Don’t let the fear of “too many blogs out there” stop you from doing what you want.

Picking a niche was one of the hardest things for me to do when I started my first blog, and I won’t lie, it took a few good months to narrow down what I REALLY wanted to talk about on my website. But as soon as I picked a niche, I started making real money with my blog.

The kind of money that helped me quit my job.

You can do it too!

So let’s get on with picking that niche.

The Most Profitable Blog Niches In 2020

These may seem obvious, but they have been proven to be successful. The most profitable categories are:

  • Time Management
  • Love And Relationships
  • Health And Wellness
  • Finance

It turns out most people are looking to improve in those 4 areas of life, which makes those blog niches that fit in those categories, super profitable!

Let’s Talk About Money Making Topics

Those 4 areas that people want to improve are just categories, you still need to narrow things down a little bit more to create a specific niche. I’ll help you decipher which kind of niches can come from the broad topics listed above.

Time Management – How to be productive, how to clean your home fast, organizing your home, files, personal life, creating routines, planners, time management strategies, and even homeschooling.

Love and Relationships – Tips for strengthening friendships, spousal relations, relationships with your kids, marriage counselling, dating tips, positive parenting and long-distance relationships.

Health and Wellness – Healthy living, healthy food, special diets, healthy food for kids, natural beauty products, yoga, exercising, eating well.

Finance – Saving money, frugal living, work at home, starting a blog, paying off debts, learning to invest, using coupons, product reviews and consumer guides.

Breaking Down Popular Blog Topics

I’ll provide some examples in different niches so you can decide for yourself which niche is best for you and your unique voice.

Time Management Blogs

Time management is a huge topic. You can have a specific niche blog about the best planners you can get your hands on, to cleaning your home in an efficient manner.

My favourite time management blog is written by Elna Cain over at She goes over a lot of strategies mommies can use to work from home and keep their kids busy so they can concentrate on working.

There are many pain points you can hit with the time management category because it is something that most people struggle with.

Suzi Whitford over at writes about time management strategies and all about blogging and working from home too. Shes has retired her husband from the workforce and now they both work from home on their blogs.

So inspiring!

Love And Relationships

This is such a broad topic that anything from parenting to marriage advice goes here. Because it is so big, I’ll give a few examples of some different niched blogs in this category.


Parenting blogs like can be very successful. In fact, Tired Mom Supermom is MY parenting blog and it generates about $3000 a month for me.

You can have a super broad lifestyle parenting blog such as (who make over a million bucks) or have a niched down lifestyle blog like Family Felicity who is also very successful for a smaller blog.

More successful parenting blogs to check out:


Marriage blogs like Marriage 365 are filled with advice on finding hope and love within your marriage when all seems lost. It’s very inspirational!

some great marriage blogs to check out:

Health and Wellness

Most of us need some help with improving our lifestyle and being more healthy in general. Our health as human beings is one of the biggest foundations of our overall happiness in life. Therefore, staying healthy and learning about health is priceless.

If you can write about nutrition, eating well, staying fit, or even about the benefits of specific diets, you should start a health and wellness blog.

Health and Wellness blogs you should check out:


Everyone is wanting to learn how to make money and how to save money. This is why a finance blog is a great idea! If you know anything about investing money or living on a super tight budget, starting a finance blog may be for you.

Finance blogs to check out:

Tips For Coming Up With A Blog Idea

Before you start a blog, consider your passions. What makes you happy, what makes you tick?

Is there anything in the world that can get you talking for days? This is a great place to start when thinking about a blog topic.

If you have a hobby that you just love (cars, makeup, travelling?) There are people who will want to read about it. There is a lot of space in the online world for your unique voice.

I hope this was helpful to you in coming up with a unique blog idea that will be profitable and fun to write!

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