Branding To Create Customer Relationships

Have you ever wondered what larger companies that have clear customer relationships have trusted and loyal followers?  They have followers that will stick with them through high and low points in their business. These brands know their customer persona’s so well, they built strong, long-lasting relationships with them. 

Social Media is really a wonderful way to connect with your audience and build those strong relationships.

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11 Tips To Get Customers To Know, Like & Trust You

1. Humanize Your Brand

Let your audience see your brand’s unique, personal side. Show clips of behind the scenes going’s on and add lifestyle to your posts. Remain social on social media. 

No one enjoys dealing with corporations that see customers as giant dollar signs. Its that cold feeling corporations give off that really close off the loyal relationships. Instead of creating that cool breeze and pushing customers away, set a warm welcoming tone to every post you produce and encourage customers to comments, like, share and otherwise engage with your content. 

2. Respond To Your Customer Direct Messages

The worse thing you can do is leave customer queries unanswered. When you leave your customers in the dark by no answering their direct messages, you are potentially ruining a customer relationship. According to Sprout Social’s Q2 2016 Index, research showed that most company response times are around 10 hours. Customers have an expectation of a response time of 4 hours. 

This may seem like a time-consuming process, but this is a common misconception. It should only take 1 hour per day to check your messages and respond to customers. Here are a few tools to help you monitor those conversations today: AgoraPulse, Hootsuite & Tweetdeck.

3. Respect The Relationship

Customers are worth more than the sale. This does mean that you should be building your relationships before and after you make your sale. Get to know your customers through your social channels by asking questions such as what do they think about your products and services or what kind of content they would like to see from you in the future.

You will be able to service your customers better if you get to know them. 

4. Be Transparent 

Yes, that does mean that if there is anything going on in your business, you want your customers to know about it. If there was a mistake made, let your loyal following know about it. You are less likely to lose your customers if you are transparent in your business, and this honesty will actually help to grow your relationship with your customers. 

5. Get Engaged

No, not engaged to be married, but actively engaged in your customer conversations! It’s definitely great to respond to the conversation that is already happening. Have you ever thought about starting a conversation proactively? 

Being proactive is a small but effective way to build those strong relationships. It’s really just a small way to create that spark between your company and the customer. You can be proactive by reaching out to prospects, your top enthusiasts or just random followers every now and then.

Just say hello, share a piece of content that’s relevant to them or like an Instagram photo. Strategize with this approach by monitoring specific non-branded keywords and hashtags related to your industry.

6. Balance Your Content 

Customers consume content in different ways. After all, we aren’t all created equally, so why would be curate content equally? Ensure you mix up the type of content you put out to make sure you reach all your potential customers.  

Types of content you can share: 

  • Photo updates – company culture, engagement led
  • Short-form updates – questions, quotes
  • Long-form text updates – stories, advice, tips
  • Live video – Q&A, behind the scenes
  • Video updates – tips, interviews, events

Create Content Calendars are the ultimate way to ensure your SMART Goals are met by giving you the ability to organize and plan your content and never miss any of those important holidays, products launch dates campaigns and more.

7. Thank Your Customers

Let your followers know they matter. One way to show your fellow employees and customers that they matter is to simply say “THANK YOU.” These two small words can go a long way in showing your community you appreciate them far beyond just a follower number.

8. Have Meaningful One-On-One Conversations

Taking time to connect with individuals is a really great way to gain momentum. For example, instead of posting an Insta post out to everyone, identify a key influencer who may be interested in your content and mention them.

Some might think mentioning people individually is a waste of time, but if you only have a few hundred followers and share a link to a blog post, there’s a strong chance you won’t get any engagement. Only a small percentage of your followers will actually see it, and an even smaller percentage will take any action on it.

9. Shine the Spotlight On Your Customer

Show your customers how grateful you are for them by shining the spotlight on them. Here are some ways you can do that. 

  • Share projects your employees are working on to help the company grow
  • Share the top fans who have engaged on your social channels
  • Share examples of your customers using your product/service
  • Share new ideas for your business suggested by your customers and employees
  • Share customer and employee testimonials

10. Add Value To Your Customers

Provide your customers with value by asking them what they would like to know about. Give them industry tips, tricks and free advice on your social channels. Serve your audience the type of content they’re actually looking for, rather than just what you want to show them. Building customer relationships is a lot easier when you’re sharing the type of content they actually want to see.

Always strive to provide your customers with more value than you’re asking for in return. It’ll pay off in the long run.

11. Create A Community 

Invite your customers to join your community while you are building relationships with them. You can use the LinkedIn Group or Facebook to build a community page!

Loyal customers will eventually turn into advocates that promote your brand for free.


Improve your lifetime customer value and earn referrals by establishing a good relationship with your customers. Developing these strong relationships creates brand loyalty and in turn, helps businesses thrive.

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