Branding To Create Customer Relationships

Have you ever wondered what larger companies that have clear customer relationships have trusted and loyal followers?  They have followers that will stick with them through high and low points in their business. These brands know their customer persona’s so well, they built strong, long-lasting relationships with them.  Social Media is really a wonderful way […]

A Guide To Finding Your Best Keyword On Pinterest

Pinterest is a visual search engine that helps people find the answers they are searching for. This is why finding the best keyword on Pinterest is very important. Pinterest is like Google, but with pictures. Lucky for us, Pinterest has a lot of ques and prompts built into the system so we can create content […]

Tools You Need To Manage Your Online Business

Social Media can be a black hole, filled with information upon information that any social media manager can get lost in. So how do we stay focused? With a routine using the right tools of course! We are meant to be using social media as a powerful weapon to elevate our brand and establish yourself […]

Places To Promote Your Business Online

There are ways you can promote your business without dropping a ton of cash. Here are the best ways that I have personally managed to promote local businesses in my area over the last 10 years. Online Marketing Platforms To Promote Your Business Online It can be tough to get your business noticed online. A […]

Growing Your Blog By Writing Less Content

Blogging is not an easy job, and growing your blog can be harder than the writing itself! A common misconception is that bloggers need to write a ton in order to grow their blog pageviews. While driving traffic to your blog is indeed very important, it is not the most important thing. *This post may […]

Creating A Brand That Appeals To Your Target Market

Creating a brand identity lies far beneath the look and feel of your website and marketing materials. You have to ensure you picked the perfect design that will appeal to your Target Market. Do you have a crystal clear image of your ideal audience in mind when creating campaigns? What Does Target Market Mean? Target […]

Top Tips For Using Stock Images On Your Blog

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Because of this, we need to make sure that the images that we use on our blog posts are of high quality and related to our post topic. Adding images to a blog post ensure that even the laziest blog reader can understand what your post […]

Tips For Setting Up Permalinks- And Why They Are Important

Do you need some tips on setting up Permalinks on your website, or need to understand what they are and how they affect your site in general? Permalinks are often overlooked by new bloggers and I want to help you figure out what they are and how to work with them. It can be a […]

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