Growing Your Blog By Writing Less Content

Blogging is not an easy job, and growing your blog can be harder than the writing itself! A common misconception is that bloggers need to write a ton in order to grow their blog pageviews.

While driving traffic to your blog is indeed very important, it is not the most important thing.

tips for growing your blog by writing less content

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Now, everyone has a different mindset when they blog and some might be in it just for the pageviews, and hey if that’s you, that’s fine, but there are other ways to make money with your blog beyond ads on your website.

The problem with a pageview first strategy, is that website views are not something one can easily control. You’re not serving your audience and building bonds with them.

But social media algorithms can affect your blog traffic so much that you may have amazing traffic one day, and no traffic the next. (This has happened to me so many times! It’s HEARTBREAKING)

If you really want to turn your blog into a business beyond monetization from ad networks, you’re going to want to switch your strategy up just a little bit.

If you are new to blogging, try this free resource to help you start your new blog.

Growing Your Blog By Defining Its Purpose

If your blog is the only thing you ever plan on doing for your business, you’re going to miss out on a major opportunity to create a larger impact with your ideal audience and you may miss out on some good cash flow too.

When I first started this blog, my main focus was also pageviews. The thing is, Pinterest is highly unreliable for traffic. Some days I was getting up to 1800 pageviews on a brand new blog and other days I couldn’t get more than 80.

As an online business owner, I wanted to do so much more with my blog and being completely stumped by pageviews left me feeling like I was on a little hamster wheel going nowhere.

I took a few blogging courses and I realized that I was doing it all wrong.

A blog is simply a platform for your business. It is not the business.

And that is where everything changed.

Creating A Strong Blog Foundation

You’ll want a solid understanding of your target audience before you create a good foundation for your readers.

  • Do you know who your ideal reader is?
  • Does your blog content focus on those readers?

You don’t want your readers to read your content and then go looking elsewhere for a better answer. You need to fill their cups with your blog posts so that they don’t need to go searching anywhere else for that answer.

The point of your blog posts should be that you are an expert in your niche. You know more about a subject than your reader and they need to see that you know more than they do, and they will stick around for that information.

If blog traffic is down across the board, which Summertime generally is the case for most bloggers, you don’t have to worry about pageviews on your website because you have a solid reader base and a good email list.

Creating Your Strategy

Find out who your audience is

Who are you writing for? Dig deep into your reader’s mind and figure out who they are, what they like and what they need in their lives.

You can find your ideal reader by generating surveys and posting them to Facebook groups or even following your niche Facebook groups and looking at questions that people are asking.

You’ll want to create content for your ideal audience, so you’ll need to think hard about who that is,

Finding Their Pain Points

As well as knowing your ideal target reader, you’ll want to know what their biggest struggles are so that you can help solve their problems with your writing.

The most important thing to remember about your blog is that you are writing for THEM, not for YOU.

Creating Content

You’ll want to generate content that takes your reader on a journey. You need to take your reader from where they currently are, to where they want to be. You’re creating a roadmap for their personal growth in your niche.

Content Beyond Blog posts

A good starting point to creating content that gets people onto your email list so that you can drive them through that journey of personal growth.

You can start this by creating a valuable offer for free in exchange for their email address. You’ll want to have an email list because that is something that you own and have full control over.

Having an email list shouldn’t be too draining. All you have to do is be yourself and send helpful information once a week or so.

When you are ready, your next step is to create a paid product that related to your free information that you provided your readers with.

If you start your email list early, you’ll have an engaged audience ready to buy your product whenever you decide to launch it. Your email list trusts you and knows you, and they are much more willing to spend money on your product.

Sticking to this strategy for your blog growth is guaranteed to yield results. You’re focusing on creating an amazing blog and you’ll be changing peoples lives with your awesome content and engaged email list.

Remember that social media is not something you can control, but an email list is something that is yours and you have full control over.

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