Pinterest Marketing – The Basics

Do you use Pinterest for business? Did you know it has a giant potential to drive massive traffic to your website if a well thought out strategy was implemented and executed correctly? Interestingly enough, Pinterest is not a Social Media website. It is a visual discovery platform, a search engine with pictures if you will.

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The most important element of any strategy is to know your audience. Let’s go over this concept while you’re here…

Do you know your ideal customer demographics (age, gender, location income etc?)

Do you know your ideal customer’s interests?

What kind of challenges does your customer have?

Once you know the answers to these questions, you can really create pins that will interest this customer and drive traffic to your site.

The one important thing to keep in mind about Pinterest is that the follower count is not important. If you have many followers but none of them is going to your site, then you do not have an effective strategy in place and perhaps should re-evaluate your ideal customer.

The next most important thing for Pinterest marketing is keyword research. I know this is not new news, but without the right keywords, your content could be easily missed. The best tool I find is the Google Keyword Planner.

Now onto the Strategy itself!

 Create A Pinterest Profile That Stands Out.

Ensure your followers know who you are and what you do right off the bat. Optimize your Pinterest profile with your keywords and your website link. Ensure you upload a clear picture of yourself or a company logo. Make sure to convert your profile from personal to business. It doesn’t cost anything but it helps with analytics and running promotions if you ever need to.

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While you are updating your profile, make sure you confirm your website too… When you do so, your profile picture will show up next to any Pins that come from your site, and a small globe icon will appear to the left of your website’s URL on your profile. You’ll also get access to website analytics so you can see what people are saving from your website.

| Informative Description | Link to Website | Clear Logo | 

Pin Relevant Content

Create your boards and start pinning relevant content! If you are brand new, figure out what you want to pin about. Is it “making money online?”, “Vintage furniture” or “Planning a wedding?” ..whichever niche is your’s, create relevant boards. Find like-minded pinners and see what they have titled their boards and use that for inspiration. Pin content to these pins, even if it’s not your own. Your goal here is to get noticed, and then you can start pinning your own content.

Still, in our second step of the strategy, join some group boards! Group boards all have a description of how to get added to them, so make sure you follow the instructions and get into some group boards. Some Group boards have over 10, 000 members, which means if you happen to pin your own content most of those users will gain exposure to your pin.

Pin Your Own Content

Pinning your own content! When you create your own pin, pin it to the most relevant board you created for your profile. Then use Tailwind to schedule it to all your Group Boards using interval pinning. There are many tutorials available online on how to use Tailwind for Pinterest and in time, I’ll post a blog about it too!

Ps. You can get a month of Tailwind for free with no credit card information required, that’s how I started out. Try it out if you want to free up some pinning time.

Even if you have a ton of content to pin about, There is value in Pinning other people’s content. Pinning quality content from high-quality domains tells Pinterest you are a quality Pinner – and that helps all your Pins get seen more.

Use Pin Analytics

Pinterest for business has insightful analytics. Utilize analytics to check up on clicks and pin performance

That’s it, guys! Pinterest for business has never been simpler to use if time is invested. If you can skip the manual pinning and the mass follow/ unfollow technique, you too can have a successful Pinterest account that drives massive traffic to your website.

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