Top 3 SEO Plugins For your WordPress Website

The best SEO plugins for your WordPress website that can help you rank in Google search.

Are you completely overwhelmed about all the SEO information out there as a new blogger? Choosing SEO plugins for your WordPress website should not be so difficult.

SEO takes practice, that’s for sure. Even with practice, you may not get it right on the first go-around. That is ok. Things on the internet can be changed around as many times as needed to get it all right and perfect. 

If you’re struggling with SEO, there are many free resources out there to help you with it. There is no need to spend money on a course, even though supporting other bloggers is amazing and you give back to the community…but if funds are tight you’re going to want to tackle this SEO stuff for free.

Don’t have a blog started yet? Here is a helpful post to help you determine your niche so you can start to make money online like me!

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The Best SEO Plugins For Your Website

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Free SEO resources

Neil Patel Blog

Neil Patel writes easy to follow the information that anyone can understand topics of SEO and content marketing. He does cover a lot of marketing topics in general but he really does excel in the SEO aspect of it. 

Neil has all the dirt on SEO including the ins and outs of Google and how to build backlinks. Neil’s blog is chock full of information, you’ll want to go over there and learn all about SEO for FREE! 

He also has a podcast: Marketing School which is made up for 6 minutes episodes with quick marketing tips that you can listen to on your drive to work or while making the kids lunch! 

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Ahrefs Blog

Ahrefs is a wealth of information. From SEO case studies to website traffic tips and tricks, this is a great blog to learn from. 

Get better at SEO by learning from the pros with detailed tutorials and opinion pieces from industry experts. 

Check out their site audit tool to help you identify any major SEO issues within your blog. 

These free resources have plenty of information for you to learn SEO and there is no need to purchase an SEO guidebook. 

Top 3 SEO Plugins For WordPress 

There a few plugins to help your website with SEO. From clearing cache to image resizing and checking for broken links, it can get a little overwhelming. 

The main thing to keep in mind when choosing plugins for your website is that if you can avoid a plugin with a simple line of code (free tutorials online for many of these) then you should not install that plugin. 

While the plugins that I’m about to share with you are great for SEO and can help get your website ranked higher within Google. 

SEO Plugin: RankMath

Rank Math is my number one SEO plugin that I recommend to get more website visitors. Rank Math makes optimizing blog posts easy with keywords in all areas of your article. 

Do more with SEO and help Rank Math do the hard part for you. It is a free plugin that takes you through the process of fully optimizing your post in a checklist form. 

If you have forgotten to optimize any aspect of your blog post, you’ll know right away and can go take an extra minute to get it perfect. 

This game-changing SEO plugin will not slow down your website and will help you be optimized for search engines with ease. 

This plugin basically sets up itself with the setup wizard. You don’t need to be a WordPress or SEO genius to figure out how this plugin really works. 

Another great feature of Rank Math is the ability to optimize one single blog post with up to 5 different keywords! Imagine not ranking with just one keyword, but with 5. 


As a bonus, Rank Math will rank the keyword that you chose against Google’s ranking system. You’ll know right away if you’ve picked a keyword that will be beneficial to you. 

If you have YOAST right now, you can switch to Rank Math in just one click. The transfer is instant and you don’t lose any ranking when you do this. 

This is an excellent plugin for Bloggers and all WordPress website owners, and it only takes 5 minutes to set up. 

Rank Math also has a facebook group, if you have any SEO questions. 

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SEO Plugin: All In One SEO Pack 

All In One SEO Pack is a great plugin for WordPress and is perfect for beginners. 

With many features such as sitemap integration, and is the ONLY free plugin to provide SEO Integration for e-Commerce sites, including WooCommerce. 

The auto-generated meta tags help cut down on time spent on SEO for your blog. 

This plugin is quite versatile. If you’re a beginner, it has out of the box options to help optimize your site. If you have advanced knowledge of SEO you can fine-tune every aspect to suit your needs. 

This plugin has been downloaded over 50, 000 times since 2007 and has excellent reviews from many website owners (myself included!)  

SEO Plugin: SEO Press

If you’re still looking for an awesome SEO plugin, SEOPress would be my third recommendation. Easily optimize your SEO and boost your traffic with the Free version of this plugin. 

There is an awesome free documentation center to help you along the SEO journey too so you don’t have to worry about not understanding the plugins features. 

Seamlessly add your XML sitemaps, customize meta description layout and titles too. Link up your social media accounts to help Google understand that those accounts are linked to your website. 

Open graph data will help with Pinterest integration too. So many great features! 

SEO press works seamlessly with Elementor and Divi page builders and is compatible with all other WordPress themes as well. 

Customize your meta robots and canonical URLs without worry, or just let them automatically update with out of the box integrations. 

SEOPress also has a facebook group to answer any questions you may have. 

SEO doesn’t have to be complicated. With the right plugin, anyone can have a good handle on their SEO and be ranking in Google as soon as they are out of the Google Sandbox (usually the first 6 months of a new website). 

Start your blog off on the right foot with a great SEO plugin from the beginning. Since SEO takes a long time to start working, try your hand at affiliate marketing for the time being. It is an excellent source of income and fairly simple to tackle.

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