Tools You Need To Manage Your Online Business

Social Media can be a black hole, filled with information upon information that any social media manager can get lost in.

So how do we stay focused? With a routine using the right tools of course!

We are meant to be using social media as a powerful weapon to elevate our brand and establish yourself or your company as an industry leader.

I have personally used a wide variety of social media tools and resources to save me time on content creation, content dispersion, and performance tracking.

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According to Hubspot, Marketers spend 1/3 of their day on repetitive tasks.

Without the proper tools, managing social media can be incredibly overwhelming, but with the right tools in place, it can be easy and effective.

Don’t be that guy that spends hours on social media management every day. I’ve compiled a list of tools to help you work smarter.

For Content Research:

Before you go on creating content, do you research it? I do! It really helps hone in my keywords, my topic and it gives me peace of mind that I am writing something people want to read.


Buzzsumo Is A Tool That Can Help You Determine Popular Topics That People Are Interested In Within Your Niche.

Just enter your keyword into the search bar and analyze the data that comes out.

You can see here which content did really well with that keyword that you searched. Go ahead and study that content and then go create better content. One-Up them if you will. This tool is really easy to use and is my go-to tool when I need a topic to write about.

Google Trends:

Google Trends Is Really Easy To Use Tool That Tells You How Your Keyword Is Ranking Over Time.

Enter your keywords and see if that topic has gained or lost popularity in the last little while. You can also see how your keyword measures up against some of your other keywords! Do you still want to use this keyword or will you need to keep searching for the perfect phrase?


From Volume To Seasonality, To Cost Per Click Data, Ubersuggest Keyword Tool Will Show You Everything For FREE.

You can use this tool as many times you want to! The updated Ubersuggest tool pulls in keyword data from Google Keyword Planner and Google Suggest which has led to a vastly improved keyword research tool.


Quicksprout Is A Tool That Helps You Learn About Your Current Traffic Status And Your Website Conversions.

It will also help you learn how to grow your traffic, improve your website, and increase your conversions. This is another free tool as well.

For Content Creation:

After you have finished your content research, you go ahead and create your content. These tools have done well for me in the past.


Canva Is A Tool Loaded With Numerous Easy-To-Use Pre-Built Designs That Anyone Can Modify And Personalize To Their Liking.

Canva has a large variety of template designs that come in many shapes and sizes. From square Instagram images and website header templates to Pinterest Pins to professional presentations you’ll find everything you need. You can also create custom-sized images as well if you cannot find what you were looking for.

With drag and drop features and a pretty decent font collection, you can’t go wrong with this tool to help save you time and make your marketing materials look professional and clean.  This tool is available for mobile use as well.


Ripl Is An Animated Image Tool That Is Easy To Use. With Customizable Templates, Simple Social Sharing Options, And Even Built-In Analytics So You Can Track Your Post Engagement Levels This Tool Is Definitely One Of My Favourites!

My all-time favourite thing about this tool is that I do not have to do professional videos to make my content animated. Simple animated text overlayed over professional images is video enough for me! I really enjoy that this tool is available for mobile use, so I can make stunning short videos when on the go. As a mom, I am always on the go!


Preview App For Instagram Is A Must Have For The Instagram Marketer. Plan Your Feed With A Seamless Design And Watch Your Following Skyrocket.

I like this tool because not only can you make sure your feed is beautiful, but you can use it to schedule posts too! There is a paid aspect to this tool, so this tool is not for everyone.


Promo Is An App That Allows You To Create Stunning Videos With Their Library Of Stock Videos Or Your Own Content.

If you need a professional video quickly, this is the tool for you! You do not need any technical skillsets to use this platform.  You get lifetime licensing with your videos too. This is a groundbreaking service that allows you to promote anything, anywhere on the internet.


This Is A Very Mobile Friendly Quick Solution To Add Text To Images.

They provide text layouts and hundreds of quotes for your inspiration, it’s like having a graphic designer in your pocket. This app is IOS and Android friendly. I use this app when inspiration strikes and I happen to not be at home on my computer.

For Scheduling And Tracking Content

Congratulations on creating your content! Use these tools to schedule and then track your content.

Sprout Social:

Sprout Social Is Mainly A Scheduling Platform However Also Offers Engagement And Analytics For Its Users.

The tools provided by Sprout Social help businesses in managing their social media and social care efforts in an effective and efficient way. One of the best features of  Sprout Social is that you get to have a well-organized dashboard, that is divided into six sections: Messages, Tasks, Feed, Publishing, Discovery, and Reports, that can help you in knowing where you stand with your customers and prospects. It’s a more expensive tool for social media management but it does a wonderful job.


Buffer Is Another Platform Where You Can Schedule Posts And See Analytics On Your Posts.

I really like to use Buffer because there is a free version of it! I prefer not to pay for something if I can avoid it.  Buffer allows its users to log in to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram with the click of a button. It also makes it convenient for users to create posts and have them uploaded with a single click.


Hootsuite Helps You To Use The Social Web To Plan And Schedule Marketing Campaigns, Spot And Grow Your Audience, And Send Them Targeted Messages Across Multiple Channels.

You can utilize its social media dashboard to schedule posts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Instagram from desktop, web, and mobile platforms. You can also easily track industry trends and campaign results to tweak your strategies as you go.


Tailwind Is A Must-Have Tool For Serious Pinterest And Instagram Users.

You can schedule your STORIES and posts for Instagram ahead of time with Tailwind. Game changer.

On Pinterest, schedule posts, track conversations, discover content, extend your reach, and measure results with the click of a button. Not to mention Tailwind Tribes which is a huge benefit to your business because you expose your pins to hundreds of people in your tribes at once. You can use Tailwind analytics to help you to monitor your Instagram and Pinterest followers, brand mentions, likes, repins, boards and more.


Bitly Is A URL Shortener Tool.

Bitly is a powerful online service that lets you shorten URLs. You can easily save and share your favourite links from around the internet too. My favourite part about Bitly is the ability to track your link performance.

Productivity Tools:

Sometimes you may need to communicate with clients or team members. These are the tools I have found work best.


Trello Is By Far My Favourite Productivity Tool.

On any given day I manage campaigns, events, and product launches. I’m constantly thinking about editorial calendars, social media channels, website landing pages, product launch schedules, and analytic platforms. Trello is a way to organize all those tasks in a visual way. Each topic is presented by boards. I can schedule due dates for content and drag and drop my boards around as I please. Did I mention I can upload (and download) files to this platform too?

If you have a team or clients, you can even create webinars with this tool.


The Dropbox Server Is On The Cloud Which Makes It Super Simple For Teams And Clients To Transfer Files Back And Forth.

What’s really nice is Dropbox uses a technology that only needs to upload changes so you can make a tiny edit to a huge file and it syncs in seconds. It’s easy to create folders and organize files just as you would on your desktop. This is a great place to back up your entire website, photo library and music library.


WeTransfer Is An Awesome Tool If You Need To Send A Large File. There Is Not Much More To It, But It Is A Useful Tool.

Google Drive:

Just Like Dropbox, You Can Use Google Drive To Keep Your Presentations, PDFs, Photos, And Videos All In One Place With Their Cloud Storage Solution.

I prefer Google Drive over Dropbox personally.  I like that I can simultaneously edit collaborative files. No more overwriting team members content. Google Drive also integrates perfectly with Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides. All in all, I like this tool a lot.

Analytics Tools:

Why have a website at all if you aren’t going to measure its success? Use these handy tools to help you figure out what is working and what is not working on your site.

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics Is A Free Tool That Tracks And Reports Website Traffic.

This is a great tool to measure your return on investment (ROI) on advertising efforts. Because Google has a large cloud infrastructure, they can gather large data sets quickly.  Google Analytics is very simple to use as well. Simply copy and paste code onto your website header section and let Google do its measuring over time. You can create custom reports to pull on a monthly basis. See in detail where your traffic comes from, and what kind of audience demographic is visiting your site.

Crazy Egg:

Crazy Egg Is A Really Neat Tool Where You Can See A Heat Map Of The Customer Experience On Your Website.

See where users are getting stuck on your site and determine what they really want to do. These visual reports are a great way to see how users are engaging with your website pages. Crazy Egg also has A/B testing tools and is easy to use with WordPress and Shopify platforms.


Kissmetrics Is Another Tool To Analyze User Experience On Your Website.

You can receive behavioural analytics and set up email campaign automation. It’s an all in one tool to increase conversions, drive engagement and grow retention. This is a paid tool but it is well worth it if you can invest in it.


Alexa Is A Great Resource For Improving Your Website Performance.

The nice thing about Alexa is that you get a free trial to try out all their awesome features. It can help you discover how to grow your traffic, improve your SEO, find keywords, and even compare metrics from competitors’ websites.  You will find all the tools you need to improve your marketing strategies. This is a paid tool after the trial and may not be for everyone.

Website Grader:

This Is A Tool Created By Hubspot. While You May Have Great Content And You Have An Awesome Social Media Plan To Drive Traffic To Your Website, Do You Know How Your Website Is Performing?

You can see here that my website at the moment could use some improvement. But because of this tool, it is no longer sitting at “Needs Improvement”. Only a few more tweaks and my blog will be perfect.  You can see this tool rates site performance, mobile capabilities, SEO and Security. Security has to do with the SSL certificate. Since my blog is so new and I do not sell anything on it, I chose to defer my SSL certificate until it grows.

Nevertheless, a good website grade is something to aim for if not a great one.

To Sum It All Up

Overall, Social media is a great platform to market your brand and you will certainly need social media tools at your disposal to be successful.

On a daily basis, I use Buzzsumo and Google Trends for content research.

For content creation, my favourite tools are Canva and Ripl. Canva for my static images and Ripl for the animated ones.

I use Buffer, Hootsuite and Tailwind to schedule my social content across Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. 

My favourite organization tool is Trello, hands down. It’s so dynamic, I just love it. And I analyze my website monthly through Google Analytics.

I hope these tools can be useful to you as well, and message me if you have any questions!

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