6 Simple Time Management Tips To Supercharge Your Productivity

Do you find time management and planning to be a boring thing? Once upon a time, I found planning to be intimidating and I never ever followed through with my systems… how terrible is that?

Once I decided to start letting the systems that I created actually work FOR me instead of me ignoring them, life got SO much better.

People are all so different and not all time management strategies are going to work for everyone. That is why today I will share with you 6 different strategies that you can use in your life effectively and effortlessly.

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6 Time Management Strategies

1. Sit Down And Plan

Sitting down with your planner, or even a blank piece of paper and starting to look ahead your week can have a huge impact on how productive you are going to be.

All it takes is a half-hour and some thinking about what you need to accomplish and how you think you can get it all done in the time that you have.

Just the plain act of sitting down with your planning tools helps get you into the correct mindset for success.

2. Create Daily Plans

Sometimes a weekly plan is overwhelming to complete. You can plan daily by either writing next days plan down in your favourite space OR you can write your to-do list out the morning of. Whichever works best for you is a great starting point in your productivity and time management journey.

Start with 3 really important things that you must do, and add some extra items onto your list to do if you finish you big 3. It’ll feel so good knowing you did more than you were aiming for, but at the same time you won’t be beating yourself up over not completing the whole list if you only got through 2 out of your 3 goals.

3. List Your To-Do

Sometimes our brains are so overwhelmed and our to-do lists are so big, it’s much needed to just brain dump all of your thoughts and organize them into a to-do list after.

Have you ever done a nice brain dump? It feels so good, and really helps focus in on the important stuff that you have on your list.

For example, you are a busy mom and you have birthday parties to shop for, kids activities to worry about, having a clean house for when your mother in law comes over at the end of the week…and so on! Moms have a lot on their plate and sometimes that to-do list just seems to keep growing and growing.

If this busy mom writes down all her items that need to get accomplished by the end of the week, she is able to split some of the tasks up and be more efficient in her strategy.

Say the activity that her child has after school is nearby a shop that’s perfect for present buying…then this mom can wait until activity day to do her birthday gift shop instead of running to the store on party day.

Creating lists helps you see your tasks in a clear way so you can create a strategy that will save you time, energy and possibly money too!

4. Set Up A Goal

We all have stars that we are reaching for on a daily basis. It can be as simple as staying on top of your laundry or as complex as organizing a presentation for work.

Creating a list of step by step actions to get you where you need to go will help you achieve those goals.

For example, the mom who wants to stay on top of her laundry this week can make sure that one load of laundry gets washed, dried and put away every day that week instead of doing it all on Sunday and possibly never getting around to folding it before Monday morning comes around.

The person who has a presentation to prepare for at work can break down her work into manageable bite-size tasks and not be overwhelmed by all the work that goes into organizing a presentation.

5. Make It Fun

Planning doesn’t have to be boring. You can spice up your experience by using a planner you love or some colourful pens to help keep you inspired.

Something as simple as adding coloured sticky notes or using a glitter pen to highlight some of the more important tasks can make the planning experience more enjoyable.

6. LeaveBreathing Room In Your Schedule

The last thing I need you to remember when creating a time management plan is to leave room for breathing. Who knows if someone in the family gets ill and your to-do list is pushed back a few hours. Anything can happen and it’s a good idea to have space for those random, unscheduled parts of life.

I hope you’re now armed with some awesome time management tips now to help you design your best life today.

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